Director of Retail Partnerships

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Senior Level | W2 | On-Site | Full-Time


The Director of Retail Partnerships is responsible for post-sales engagements with Looma’s retail partners. This position will serve as the CEO’s #2 through the retail sales process and will take ownership of retail accounts after they convert to customers. While the role is fairly project management heavy, it also requires extraordinary relational wisdom, as the Director of Retail Partnerships will need to win over stakeholders at all tiers of the organization (store managers to VPs). As our team grows, the Director of Retail Partnerships will be responsible for building and managing a team of Retail Account Managers.

The Director of Retail Partnerships role will consist of three primary emphases:
  1. New Retail Partnerships (20%)
  2. Pilot + Rollout Management (40%)
  3. Account Management + Expansion (40%)
Additional details available on the application landing page, linked above.

Key Attributes
  • Poised, in an authentic, human sort of way
  • Fascinated by enterprise sales and the relational intuition required to manage large accounts with complex internal dynamics
  • Obsessed with building systems that deliver simple, delightful experiences
  • Concerningly fond of all things project management
  • Deep affinity for tech, particularly as it relates to streamlining project management
  • Able to seamlessly toggle between the abstract and the granular
  • Excited by the prospect of building a team to manage a nationwide network of retail partners
  • Excited by Looma’s analytical approach to everything
  • Joyful and composed on the good days as well as the bad
Structure & Compensation
  • Salary: $80k - $120k
  • Stock Options: 0.1% - 1.0%
  • Employee coverage for health, dental, and vision (gold plan)
  • Unlimited vacation (minimum of 10 days)
  • 12-week primary caregiver leave
  • $100/month craftsmanship stipend

The company Benefits and Perks will carry over into the job post.

Job Details

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Top 3 Desired Skills

  • project-management.svgA skill svg icon
    Project Management
  • client-relations.svgA skill svg icon
    Client Relations
  • sales-strategy.svgA skill svg icon
    Sales Strategy

Benefits & Perks

  • Gold coverage health, dental, vision
  • Unlimited vacation (minimum of 10 days)
  • 12-week primary caregiver leave
  • $100/month craftsmanship stipend
  • Happy hours + team events
  • Downtown location
  • Pet-friendly office space