Scientific Software Engineer

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Mid Level | W2 | On-Site | Full-Time


NoviSci seeks to accelerate learning from real-world healthcare data through the development and application of tools to enable scalable, state-of-the-science causal inference, prediction, and data visualization.

Our science teams work with external collaborators to solve important problems in medicine and public health.  Our software developers and data scientists build cloud-based, web-deployed analytic tools driven by the needs of our collaborative research.

We are currently hiring a software engineer who has the skill and drive to develop the analytic software of the future. The hire will focus on creating and optimizing analytic tools for causal inference and machine learning with observational data, while also working closely with one or more research teams.

Required Skills

  • Mastery one or more statistical or scientific languages such as R, C++, Python, or Julia.
  • Experience optimizing scientific software for performance.
  • Empathetic to your future self and other users by writing well-documented and well-tested code.
  • Sufficient technical writing skills to write documentation, user guides, and responses to user feedback.
  • Development on Linux platform

Education and Experience

  • 5+ years experience as a software developer with a MS or PhD in statistics, applied math, computer science or other discipline requiring both statistical / numerical expertise and programming skill

Desired Experience and/or Education

  • Knowledge of causal inference methods
  • Working knowledge of machine learning methods
  • You've git committed and you're committed to git
  • Experience with the management of complex data typical in healthcare research such as health care claims or EHR data.
  • Experience with the R language

NoviSci LLC is an equal opportunity employer.

To be considered: email a CV and cover letter to

The company Benefits and Perks will carry over into the job post.

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Top 3 Desired Skills

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Top 3 Desired Tools

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Benefits & Perks

  • 401(k) w/ 5% company match
  • Employee stock option plan
  • Company-provided medical and dental insurance
  • Team get-togethers
  • Downtown location

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