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Last Updated Nov 13, 2018
Mid Level | W2 | On-Site | Full-Time


Overview of the role

If you enjoy mentoring and managing people as much as you enjoy programming, this is the role for you. This role is for the lifelong learner who understands that they will perfect their own craft through the art of teaching. 

An instructor at Momentum is able to convey technical knowledge clearly, defining terms and speaking in a language that new developers can easily understand. Instructors are responsible for explaining programming concepts without resorting to jargon. In this role, instructors have the privilege of guiding each student through their learning path, meaning they are there for the “ah-ha” moments and to mentor through moments of inevitable frustration. Momentum instructors are encouraging, welcoming, and patient. 

The ideal candidate

  • Has five or more years of professional software development experience, ideally with multiple languages and paradigms 

  • Is an experienced teacher, whether in a traditional educational setting or as part of a technical role

  • Highly emotionally intelligent, able to work with people from all backgrounds

  • Is a natural leader who works well with others and believes in the importance of team

  • Loves speaking in front of groups

  • Is passionate about tech and our local community

  • Believes in our mission and wants to be an active participant in building Momentum

  • Cares about making a difference in education

  • Is unafraid of having critical conversations

  • Has fun at work

The job responsibilities

  • Organize and run a daily classroom, including preparing material, giving lectures, coding live demonstrations, grading assignments, and tracking student progress.

  • Conduct immersive courses from start-to-finish over a 12-week cycle, three times a year. In addition, you may be called on to teach short-term consumer classes and custom classes for companies and organizations.

  • Consult on curriculum development.

  • You will be counseling students along with the program manager. This means you will be encouraging them, working on ways to help individuals, and you may have to defuse tense situations on occasion.

The company Benefits and Perks will carry over into the job post.

Job Details

Feature Job

This job has been featured since: Nov 13, 2018

Top 3 Desired Skills

  • javascript.svgA skill svg icon
  • python.svgA skill svg icon
  • rails.svgA skill svg icon

Overall we're looking for instructors who have experience in multiple web development languages including but limited to:  

  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Ruby on Rails

Top 3 Desired Tools

  • slack.svgA skill svg icon
  • trello.svgA skill svg icon
  • gsuite.svgA skill svg icon

Benefits & Perks

  • Dog friendly environment
  • Downtown Parking (Raleigh & Durham)
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield HSA Plan
  • Competitive Salary
  • We offer 15 vacation days a year plus holidays. 
  • BCBSNC Health Insurance Plan (+ Dental & Vision) 

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