Lead Back End Engineer

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Last Updated Apr 17, 2019
Senior Level | W2 | On-Site | Full-Time


Map My Customers is looking for an analytical, results-driven backend engineer who will be responsible for improving existing APIs and processes to support the platform. Qualified candidates will use their understanding of programming languages and web architecture to build a platform capable of seamlessly moving data from external CRMs to the Map My Customers platform.  

Job Responsibilities:
- Design, develop and deliver database solutions, back end applications/process, and APIs
- Implement integrations with external APIs and data providers
- Collaborate with front-end engineers and other team members to establish objectives, design and deliver cohesive business systems and enhanced user experience
- Participate in design, development and deployment of API’s to integrate across multiple new and existing business applications (ERP, CRM) and data sources
- Manage and deploy infrastructure to support platform ecosystem

Preferred Skills with Sample Technologies:
- Preferred languages: Python, JavaScript/Node.JS
- CI/CD experience: Jenkins, TeamCity, Octopus
- DB experience: SQL (Postgresql), NoSQL (MongoDB)
- Queuing: Kafka, Amazon SQS, Rabbit MQ
- Excellent communication skills

3+ years of experience (full stack but preferred backend)



  • Are really interested in helping people be more productive and efficient at their work
  • Appreciate a good debate, even with your boss
  • Figure out how to fix it, instead of who to blame
  • Believe that teamwork makes dreamwork
  • Enjoy an honest and transparent workplace
  • Know that done is better than perfect, because perfect is never done.


  • Favor action over deliberation
  • Aren’t afraid to experiment and make mistakes
  • Care more about your intelligence and values than your expertise
  • Believe you really can enjoy all the people you work with everyday
  • Are open to new ideas, new cultures, and new people
  • Think transparency is the best way to run a business


  • Competitive salary and stock options
  • Company-sponsored health and dental benefits package
  • Opportunity to join a passionate, motivated, and fun team at an early stage to help shape and execute on our mission
  • Weekly team lunches and panoramic views of downtown Raleigh
  • A supportive team atmosphere and work environment you couldn't pay for
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Top 3 Desired Skills

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PostgreSQL, Nodejs, Express

Top 3 Desired Tools

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Benefits & Perks

  • Company-sponsored health and dental
  • A supportive team atmosphere and work environment
  • Professional development classes and training
  • Weekly team lunches
  • Parking
  • Competitive salary and stock options