Genohm, Inc

Genohm, Inc
Genohm develops and maintains on-premise software solutions for laboratory management, and was aquired by Agilent in May 2018.

Inside Scoop @ Genohm, Inc

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    How does Genohm, Inc celebrate success?

    Genohm is growing fast and labs across a variety of industries use our platform. These factors make flexibility, problem-solving skills, and fast learning key to being successful in our organization. I've already learned a ton, and every project presents new and interesting challenges to tackle.

    Application Engineer
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    What are some qualities that would make a person successful and help evolve Genohm, Inc's culture?

    Genohm values creativity and experimentation and gives employees the opportunity to reach into new skillsets. This plays into an individual's need for personal growth and desire for challenge. The motivated innovator changes the world, and both the company and individual thrive on those qualities.

    Technical Writer


Benefits & Perks

  • Training & development
  • Generous FTO
  • 401K + 6% match
  • Health Insurance

With a strong commitment to both innovation and work life balance, Agilent, the parent company of Genohm, is proud to have been listed by Business Insider as one of the 25 best tech companies to work for in America. We've also been ranked at number 43 out of over 500 employers on the Forbes '2015 America's Best Employers' list - and at number 10 on their 'Top Ten Biotech Companies' list!

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Tech & Tools We Use

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Invest in the team and the product, and Genohm will invest in you. We provide a collaborative environment that fosters each person’s talents and interests, giving you the tools to experiment and hone your skills. We are a dynamic small business, offering the flexibility of a startup but with the security and longevity of Agilent’s bigger business model. We offer a competitive salary in-line with your experience, and we don’t care what degree you have as long as you are talented and motivated to offer best-in-class service in whatever job you do.

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