CloudFactory provides a global, managed workforce that processes pipelines of big data like a trained internal team. We power data production for 11 of the top autonomous vehicle companies and some of the world's most innovative AI companies.

Our Origin Story

Ten years ago the first family came for a two-week vacation to Nepal and ended up staying because they fell in love with a beautiful country and beautiful people. Out of that love bloomed a new type of company. One that cares more about social impact than profit. But a company also wise enough to know that profit is what deepens our social impact over the long term.   What it all boils down to is using technology to flatten the world, connect people into the global economy and raise up leaders to fight poverty and change their communities. We are changing the way the world works.

Inside Scoop @ CloudFactory

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    What are some qualities that would make a person successful and help evolve CloudFactory's culture?

    CloudFactory's 10 corporate principles guide our culture, our work, and our communications. Someone who will find a strong fit here is likely to be an authentic communicator who values people, technology, team collaboration, and quality work. Diverse, critical thinking will help us evolve and grow.

    Nanette George
    Sr. Manager, Marketing
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    What are you most excited about over the next year?

    What is going to be most exciting is seeing us continue to grow in 2019. A lot of changes are coming: New location, new team members, new partnerships, and market experiments, to name a few. It’s an exciting time here at CloudFactory, and I’m excited to be a part of it.

    Heather Niemiller
    Talent Experience Manager
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    What does professional development look like in your role at CloudFactory?

    CloudFactory is a community of smart people who care about positively impacting people's lives. The leadership team is accessible, and you'll work with colleagues from across the world with a variety of innovation experiences. For the self-starter, professional development is a coffee break away.

    Yasmeen Kashef
    Client Success Manager


Benefits & Perks

  • Did somebody say snacks?!
  • Opportunities to collab internationally
  • Opportunities to work with cross-functionally
  • Retirement Savings Plan with company match
  • Social impact mission
  • Employer-paid life and disability insurance
  • Team Outings
  • Bottomless coffee & tea
  • Employer-paid medical, dental, vision
  • Global travel opportunities
  • Downtown location
  • Weekly team time with meal
  • Flexible hours and work environment
  • Free parking

CloudFactory is a global company that offers competitive compensation and benefits packages to full-time employees.

We work with you to establish an individual development plan to help you identify your interests and take steps to achieve your professional and personal goals.

Our talent team creates meaningful connections among employees in our offices across four continents - in the U.S., UK, Nepal, and Kenya. We celebrate unique cultural and individual values and instill our own organizing principles to promote a strong understanding of our business values.

CloudFactory provides two all-hands forums each week for employees to discuss our shared work and wins in their personal lives. We provide lunch every Friday in our team-time gatherings.

Tech & Tools We Use

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CloudFactory uses all kinds of technology. We built our own platform for the work we do with clients. Our cloud workers work with many third-party tools - even those our clients built themselves.

We have customized RocketChat, an app we use to facilitate our communication with clients and across internal teams.

The tools you see listed on this page are the ones we use for the functional roles based in our Durham, N.C. office:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Client Success
  • Talent
  • Finance

Office Locations