Our Origin Story

In 2010, the American Underground (AU) launched on the historic American Tobacco Campus (ATC). AU was built upon decades of local relationships, stewarded by our parent company, Capitol Broadcasting. Today, AU connects hundreds of Triangle startups to the region’s resources, thought leaders, talent, media, and entrepreneurial support systems. Inspired by Durham, North Carolina’s century-old entrepreneurial legacy, AU is building the counter-story to Silicon Valley – a diverse startup scene rich in innovative ideas with deep civic engagement. And we’re just getting started.
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Inside Scoop @ American Underground

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    How does American Underground celebrate success?

    I like how we use our "Shoutouts" thread in Basecamp as a way to celebrate wins and recognize people on the team going above and beyond in ways that everyone might not otherwise see all the time.

    Garry Lyon
    Administrative Director
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    What are some qualities that would make a person successful and help evolve American Underground's culture?

    Strong sense of ownership, desire to continuously learn new things, and a creative approach to work! We are constantly evolving our business to meet the needs of our startup companies, so being excited to lead and drive change is key.

    Caroline DeConto
    Director of Membership
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    What fun/interesting quirks are unique to American Underground?

    Pretty much everything about the AU is a fun and interesting quirk that you can only find at the AU -- like that one time when one of our members owned up to eating someone else's peanut butter, and we turned it into a full-on PB&J party later that week.

    Kelsey Sawyers
    Director of Operations


Benefits & Perks

  • Work with a super fun team! 🥳
  • Medical, Dental, Vision Insurance
  • Competitive compensation
  • Unlimited coffee and tea
  • A coveted downtown Durham parking pass
At American Underground, we know that you're more than your work, so our hope is that the AU will provide an environment for you to grow personally, as well as professionally. Along with standard benefits like full health insurance coverage and a generous retirement program,  we offer lots of educational opportunities, autonomy and flexibility to do your best work, and the chance to work alongside a community of go-getters that will inspire you on a daily basis.  

Tech & Tools We Use

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